"It’s like being part of a 20 Club or Business Roundtable...365 days a year." 
"This real sense of community, family and friendship were the very reasons why I decided to leave my island of JS Construction and join the Alair family. We are excited to bring the superior value of Alair's collaborative approach to all of our clients here in the High Country. Every day we continue to provide an experience that can only be described as Living Better."

- Jeff Smith
JS Construction
Alair Homes High Country
"Alair has allowed me to focus on my highest and best use. I now have the time to encourage, lead and help my team to grow both personally and professionally. By creating and supporting a strong team of leaders I have been able to open multiple Alair offices across North & South Carolina.

- Kevin Collins
Collins Building Group
Alair Homes Clemson, Alair Homes Blue Ridge
Duane Johns
Builder • Remodeler • Coach • Consultant
Regional Developer for Alair Homes

Co-host of the Builder Nuggets Podcast - Listen Now

I am passionate about helping fellow builders and remodelers create the business they have always wanted. As a Regional Partner for Alair Homes I am responsible for recruiting top builders and remodelers and supporting ongoing operations in the North Carolina region. I have the pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest construction industry professionals in North America. We focus on personal growth, optimization, scalability and eventual exit strategies. Whether you are looking to grow your existing operations, add new locations, or sell your business I can help you achieve it.
Contact me for a personal and confidential discussion about your business.